Claudius Strack

Curated Artists for Entransito: Lena Schramm, Michel Lamoller

Claudius Strack, works and lives in Hamburg. He studied communication design and illustration and participated in the Velada Santa Lucia 2010, 2011, Velada Remix 2013, 2015 and Bremer KunstfrĂĽhling 2014, Entransito 2023 as curator. He focusses his work on digital media, animations and film. He realised several Projects for Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, theatres like Schauspielhaus Hamburg or Staatstheater Braunschweig . Since 2005 he works as a freelancer for Design. Since 2015 he became partner of 2015-2017 Chief Marketing Officer 2017-2020 Chief Operating Officer.

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