Friedrich Herz

*1986 in Gera, lebt und arbeitet in Berlin

Anything but a common cliché is a large-format ink drawing of a densely overgrown forest or undergrowth, which the artist created on pre-folded paper. The folding is irritating and is reminiscent of the folding of a conventional map. The drawing itself is also interrupted by an organic wave structure that alienates the motif in a peculiar way. With the motif of the forest, the artist presents us with one of his personal motifs of longing, whereby he fished the template for his drawing from the Internet. The drawing shows his projection of a natural section of Ibiza.

Friedrich Herz
*1986 in Gera,
lebt und arbeitet in Berlin

2019 Gründung des Projektraumes
2017 Dozent der CUCULA Refugees Company for Craft and Design in Zusammenarbeit mit David Zink Yi und Antje Engelmann
2013 Meisterschüler Bildhauerei, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee
2012 Diplom Malerei, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee

Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen

2023 Od Œuvre de Pampelmuse, Galaxie Neuer Künste, Halle
Cumulus, the Gimp, Berlin
2022 You good? III, Salon SO 36, Berlin
Don’t know why, Kunstraum Ortloff, Leipzig
The Tourist, NEW NOW art space, Frankfurt am Main (solo)
2021 Round Table Top Low Speed Spire, Kunstraum Ortloff, Leipzig (solo)You good?
2020 This is, the Gimp, Berlin
You good?, Salon SO 36, Berlin
2019 Neck of the Woods, SPOILER, Berlin
26 Relaxercices, Stay Hungry in Exile, Kleinwalsertal, Österreich
2018 Projekt Birkenstrasse, ZK/U, Berlin
IRON DAISIES, Dzialdov, Berlin (solo)
2017 Future Nows II, Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart Berlin
Business As Usual, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin (on-line)
2016 100 DEMEURE, Gold+Beton, Köln (solo)
Ambitioufy the Unambitious, SOX, Berlin (solo)
2015 In Order of Appearance, Galerie Knoth+Krüger, Berlin (solo)
Pure Fruits, Stay Hungry, Berlin
2014 Hello Goodbye, Galerie Laura Mars, Berlin
Gold,Steam,Tar&Feather, Brotfabrik, Berlin
Future Nows, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin Spirits [Polyedition#1], Stay Hungry, Berlin

Förderungen und Auszeichnungen

2022 Projektraum Stipendium (

2014 Finanzierung der Ausstellung Gold,Steam,Tar&Feather durch die Mart Stam Gesellschaft, Berlin

2013 Berlin Masters, Auswahl Berliner Meisterschüler der Galerie Arndt

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