Mark Southgate

Poc a Poc means ‘bit by bit’ in Ibiza’s native Catalan dialect of eivissenc, and it is the alias for the self-taught British artist Mark Southgate, resident on Ibiza since 2006. Mark’s artistic practice is inextricably intertwined with his relationship with Ibiza’s landscapes and culture, as his life as a fine artist and painter unfolded in tandem with his settling on the island to live permanently. Mark’s inspiration often arrives whilst walking his beloved podenco hound, Pepe, and the incorporation of gold leaf into his paintings of Ibizan landscapes has led to him being referred to as the ‘Klimt of Ibiza’.

Oil in gold leaf on plywood board , 250cm x 122cm
Painting of Dalt Vila, UNESCO World Heritage Site, in orange, reg and golden hues.

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